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What is Linux?

Why Should You Learn About Linux?

Linux is used everywhere. If you use the internet at all, you’re already using Linux in your daily life. Perhaps the most obvious way in which you interact with Linux systems would be through browsing the worldwide web and using e-commerce sites to buy and sell products.

In the modern datacenter, Linux and Microsoft Windows are the major players, and Linux is a growing segment in that space. Some of the many reasons to learn Linux:

  • If you’re a Windows person, you’ll need to interoperate with Linux.

  • If you’re doing application development, it’s likely your application or its runtime will be hosted on Linux.

  • If you’re working in the cloud, your cloud instances may be based on Linux, and your private or public cloud environment will probably be based on Linux.

  • If you’re working with mobile applications or the Internet of Things (IoT), the chances are great that the operating system of your device will be based on Linux.

  • If you’re looking for new opportunities in IT, Linux skills are in high demand.


Bablu Kumar

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